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Neurophy Lab - Jobs

We always welcome applications from skilled, motivated and team-oriented people for Master, PhD and Postdoctoral positions. If you are interested in joining one of the teams of the Neurophy lab, please send your application to Serge, AlbanPatricia, Patrick or Jean-Marie.

New positions available

  • A new postdoc position is available in Alban de Kerchove d’Exaerde’s Team. The project builds on our work on the critical role of uncharactherized functions of the striatal projection neurons co-expressing Dopamine D1 and D2 receptors (D1/D2 SPNs) that we are able to target with our new transgenic models. The candidate will be engaged in deciphering the circuitry of these D1/D2 SPNs, the roles of D1/D2 SPN afferents and efferent neuronal populations and their roles in cognitive behaviours.
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  • A new postdoc position is available in Alban de Kerchove d’Exaerde’s Team. The project branches from our previous work on the mandatory role of Maged1 in drug addiction. The applicant will be engaged in a study on different mouse models to decipher the molecular, cellular and circuitry mechanisms underlying the absence of any cocaine effect in mice lacking Maged1.
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Postdoctoral fellows

To apply, please send your CV, reference information, and a brief cover letter with your research background, interests and goals to our PIs.

Information on Belgian Postdoctoral funding:
Apply to FNRS 3-year funding
FNRS annual call deadline: mid-January.

Graduate students

If you are already an MS or MD student at ULB interested in our lab and willing to start a PhD, feel free to contact us about a visit or rotation during your MS. If you are from another Institution/University, you can apply to be a graduate student in the lab through the UNI PhD program and directly contact our PIs for more information.

Information on Belgian PhD funding: 
Apply to FNRS & FRIA 4-year funding. More info here
FNRS annual call deadline: mid-February.
FRIA annual call deadline: mid-August.

Apply to the UNI PhD programme: More info here
Annual call deadline: February

Undergraduate students

If you are a ULB student or undergraduate at another institution and you are interested in getting involved in research, please get in touch.